Through the “Yellow Door”

Long halls , rows of desks, computers, white lights illuminating monotonous work and worked up employees… sounds familiar to any workplace??
Not for us at DQ… for starters it not an office it’s our studio:)!

It’s a small place with white walls and yellow doors. With minimal interior work nothing is overdone hence it may look small but it’s not cramped up. It is a proud all women enterprise, a quarry to delve deeper into creativity to fetch out
gems. Deeper you go brighter it gets.

For the little while I have worked here, I have got a chance to work in varied areas like research, nomenclature, tagline, logos, branding, brand manuals etc….And i have learnt a score of things, right form simple software command to importance of brand language.
Because I am not as yet kicked out, I would like to believe I can learn more at DQ(haha!)…On a serious note though, DQ has given me opportunity to work on variety of projects when I had absolutely no experience in any of it. Being an engineer who opted to not go for an IT job, I understand the importance of getting a job in a field of my interest.

While I need to take time to learn and understand things, Priya ,my colleague likes to have new projects everyday. She loves the different projects she gets to work on. For her it’s the more the varied, the merrier. But the one thing we feel in unison is that we like our work and workplace. If there is something I am not able to understand I can go straight up and ask for help…I don’t get
yelled at, I get guided. Priya has the liberty to work on something else when she is stuck on one thing for long.
To sum it up, Thank you DQ for letting me through the yellow door. Thank you for letting me stay and learn. For whatever course I take up in design, DQ is always going to be the place where I started.

Our Story


If you have lived in Pune or even visited the city, you probably have some unique memories to share of life here. Surrounded by hills of the Sahyandris, which turn lush green in the monsoons, Pune offers the urban-lifer an almost-close-to-the-nature experience. Atop one hillock in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle is a stone quarry. The ‘Quarry’ (now in capital and I’m just about to explain why)holds a special significance for the Punekars; it appears to overlook the cityscape and is almost an escape for those longing to get-away without getting-away! The Punekar and even the non-Punekar is happy to spend hours here taking in the beauty of nature, the soothing sight of green trees and open skies, the moment of the amber sunset and peering into the tens of thousands of concrete structures to locate familiar places – mostly one’s own home – as if the scene were a 3D google map.

Like many in this city, we look back at fond memories from the Quarry – as little kids, running up the hill holding our parents’ hands, exploring different trails while growing up or arranging friendly-meets and greets. The Quarry became a place to hang out with friends, to share secrets and dreams, even philosophies and life-lessons, and for some a place to find “true-love” or “find yourself”.  The Quarry can transform moods with its fresh and positive spirit.



The Quarry is the place where you’d come across several sorts of city-dwellers – from the health conscious daily walkers to the marathon-aimers; from the cute hand-in-hand couples to the music-lovers listening into their radio-sets or ipods. There are the nature enthusiasts, the cycling-enthusiasts, the photographers, the canine and feline lovers. There are the gossip girls and the gossip boys, the loners and the dreamers. They are all here, at the Quarry, for different reasons in different seasons – and yet perhaps for the same purpose – to experience a serene moment amidst the jostle of daily life. Away from the chaos of a city life, the Quarry takes you to a different state of mind.

We also fell in love with the Quarry the very moment we saw it. We have spent here hours sharing notes on the past, present and future plans, giggling over oft-repeated jokes, dreaming of working together and contemplating our very own design studio. Today, as we begin our second venture, we look back at the scores of plans, chit-chats and even squabbles we had at the Quarry as we tried giving a shape, a design to our dream. We graduated as designers and turned into professionals and entrepreneurs.  There have been risks and tough decisions, challenges and thunderous opportunities. We are glad to have found the courage and the support to make one more dream come true. In some way, we owe our dream to the Quarry. It was just instinctive, then, to name our firm ‘Design Quarry’. Just like the way the quarry is dug to find something precious, creativity needs to be found by going deeper and deeper into an idea or thought. You can find a perfectly designed solution only after you have explored the problem deeply enough. We are all set to mine the quarry of creativity!

We keep going back to the Quarry. Dreams don’t end now, do they? The Quarry continues to inspire us and we hope to keep mining harder and deeper.

That was our story! We would love to hear yours.