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26 April 2018
Design Quarry
 April 7, 2018 | Design Quarry Studio | Pune YOU GROW WE GROW Our first topic was collaboration for the reason that all creatives coming together to share their experiences is one way of collaboration. The session kick-started with the Mantra “...
05 April 2018
Design Quarry
As Dr. Seuss says "Why fit in when you are born to stand out". We all try to be different in our own way, but there are some of us who are born different and want to fit in.Artworks are done by Pranav Pukale and VaradPalande from Autism Center.What i...
01 February 2018
Design Quarry
Pantone Colour of the year "The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than 'what's trending' in the world of design; it's truly a reflection of what's needed in our world today." – Laurie Pressman, Vice President...

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As Dr. Seuss says "Why fit in when you are born to stand out". We all try to be different in our own way, but there are some of us who are born different and want to fit in.

Artworks are done by Pranav Pukale and VaradPalande from Autism Center.

What is Autism?
Autism is a developmental difficulty to communicate and interact. Autistic individuals generally have problems speaking with others and especially making eye contact. These problems can be mild, severe or somewhere in between.
We, at Design Quarry were aware of Autism in general but we were able to know much more about it when we had the opportunity to design a T-shirt and brochure for Prasanna Autism Centre, Pune to spread awareness about Autism. We took up this small project not just to add it to our portfolio but our motive was to help the society through our work to make a difference. Today, Autism is seen in 1 amongst 63 individuals which has increased at an alarming rate of 1 in 1000 individuals. Hence it's very important to spread awareness about Autism in our society. Designing T-shirts is a small step towards spreading awareness. We aim to do more for this cause using our creativity and design tools.

Prasanna Autism Centre
On 2nd April 2018, which is the World Autism Awareness Day, We visited the Prasanna Autism Centre which had put up an exhibit of all the art and craft creatives made by the students in their class activities. We were amazed to see such expressive artworks. Each artwork had something to say. Looking at the creativity it is hard to believe that these children are any different from others. As a matter of fact they have a different perspective to see things and hence have much more ability to innovate. Take for example Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Tim Burton and Andy Warhol.

But for Autistic children to be able to think and work independently requires immense support, care, and guidance. During our visit to the Autism Centre we got to interact with the founders and teachers. There was so much warmth and passion in what they were doing for these children, it's incredible. Teaching children with Autism requires a lot of patience and innovative ideas to help them understand things. We were able to take part in one such activity where a few recognisable and everyday use items were hidden in a container of wheat grains and the student has to put his/her hand in it to take out the object that the teachers asks for using just the sense of touch and feel. This exercise challenges the students' brain and helps develop their sensory skills.

Design Quarry team –

Design Quarry team –

Autism awareness Identity During our research, an interesting thing to learn was how the puzzle became the symbol for Autism. In 1963, Gerald Gasson, a parent and board member for the National Autistic Society in London, created the puzzle piece logo as the board believed that an Autistic child suffered from a puzzling condition. Included within the puzzle piece was an image of a weeping child. The logo seemed to communicate a wrong message amongst people, indicating these children to be depressed and mentally challenged. But with time as the society progressed individuals with Autism are regarded a part of the society though they may be in minority. The National Autistic Society don’t use the logo anymore although the puzzle as symbol has persisted with many colours and for a better meaning. Some people perceive the symbol to be the piece that is different but still is a part of our society. There are some who still don’t find the symbol appropriate. Do let us know your thoughts about the symbol below.

5 ways to identify Autism.
The symptoms can be identified from as early as Infancy.
1) These children face Social challenges which is difficulty in recognising emotions
2) Communication Difficulties – Child fails to combine words into meaningful sentences.
3) Repetitive Behavior – Jumbing, rolling, twirling.
4) Medical conditions like seizure, gastorintenstinal distress.
5) Most important is they face it challenging to integrate sensory information.

Our attention was brought towards a fact that parents find it difficult to accept that their child is autistic and hence do not start early treatment.
Give them the necessary support and they would do wonders. Design Quarry would like to make a special appeal to all the Parents to not shy away from the symptoms of be in denial. Timely diagnosis allows autistic people to access Service and Support.

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